Charm I Eye Care

Charm I Eye Care is a powder form of health care product, the water-soluble ingredients are more easily absorbed by the body, the nutrients only takes 30 minutes to be absorbed by the body and eye tissues, the effectiveness is as high as 98%-100%.

Our eyes are very vital organs, but as we become older, our eyesight tends to deteriorate; coupled with external factors in the environment such as ultraviolet radiation, extensive use of electronic products such as computers and cell phones, puts our vision and eyes under a lot of stress. Therefore eye care must be started while you are still young!

Are your eyes suffering from eyestrain and deterioration?
Symptoms of age-related eye deterioration:
If you suffer from eye strain recently, you may experience the following discomfort:

  • Burning sensation in the eyes, sleepiness and fatigue.
  • Itchiness, dryness and discomfort in the eyes, and heavy eyelids.
  • Vision is greatly reduced, or even unable to recognize words clearly.
  • Occasion fear of light, watery eye, pain due to aging, etc.
  • Often have mild conjunctival congestion or chronic conjunctivitis episodes.
  • Recurring blepharitis, chalazion.
  • Dizziness, loss of appetite, or even nausea, vomiting, acid reflux, etc.

Charm I Eye Care can effectively improve the various types of common eye diseases as listed below:

  • Presbyopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Myopia
  • Pseudomyopia
  • Cataract
  • Floaters
  • Eye dryness
  • Eye strain
  • Night blindness
  • Glaucoma
  • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Retinal detachment in severe myopia

Featured Super Nutrients:


Charm I - FloraGLO Lutein

What is Lutein?

Modern people use 3C products for a prolonged period of time, eye fatigue and dryness is very common problem, clinical findings found out that cataracts and macular degeneration may appear as early as 20 years old, all these eye disorders are the main factors contributing to blindness, so a timely supplement of lutein has become the key to protecting your eyes.

Medical studies have shown that lutein has a powerful anti-oxidative effect, and its high level of phytonutrient and beta-carotene protects the body from damage caused by free radicals and enhances protection against cancer. Lutein, which is also known as macular pigment, is found in very high concentrations in the retina, as well as in the brain, skin, breast tissue, ovaries and uterus, and even in breast milk and blood plasma of newborns. Because of its protective effect on the eye and the fact that the human body cannot synthesize it on its own, it requires additional supplementation if you cannot get sufficient amounts from the food you consumed.

The five main biological benefits of lutein are as follows:

  • Formation of the most important antioxidant component in macular region of the retina (the most essential area for generating vision).
  • Filtering harmful short-wave length blue light.
  • Enhancing optical function (achieved by reducing chromatic aberration and improving color contrast).
  • Suppressing free radicals formed by photoreception processes.
  • Improving glare disabilities and the recovery period from light stimulation procedure.
Charm I - African marigold Extract
The lutein contained in Charm I Eye Care is Floraglo Lutein from the company Kemin,
the only lutein patented in Europe and the United States.
Because of its small molecular size, it is easily absorbed by the intestinal tract directly.

Protect the retina and maintain the clarity of vision

Lutein is a powerful antioxidant that prevents oxidative damage to the retina when it is exposed to light; it also protects the microvasculature of the eye and maintains healthy blood circulation.

Improves vision

Lutein is a highly concentrated antioxidant that helps to filter out blue light and reduce chromatic aberration, which leads to more refined vision.

Prevention of Glaucoma

Lutein reduces the level of oxidation intensity of proteins structure of eye , the higher the intake, the lower the risk of formation of glaucoma.

Delaying the development of cataracts

Lutein is the only carotenoid that exists in the form of crystal, which enhance the antioxidant property of the crystal, resist the damage from sunlight and free radicals, and delay or prevent the occurrence of cataracts.

Preventing the complication of high myopia

People with high level of myopia is prone to retinal detachment, water retention, floaters, etc, which might even lead to permanent blindness. Supplementing enough lutein can provide sufficient nutrition to the eyes and can reduce the occurrence of the disease.

Reduce macular degeneration and prevent eye-related disease

Macular degeneration is the main cause of blindness in the elderly. Lutein has been shown to help improve the quality of vision in patients with age-related degenerative macular disease.


Lutein can suppress the activity of reactive oxygen species radicals and prevent the damage of healthy cells by reactive oxygen species radicals. Secondly, lutein can also protect the body from harm through physical or chemical interaction and enhance the body’s immunity.

Anti-cancer properties

Lutein has an inhibitory effect on many types of cancers, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer, skin cancer and so on. The consumption of lutein in the diet not only suppress cancer cells, but also play a role in preventing the development of tumors.


  • The king of carotenoids, it can improve eye microcirculation by increasing blood flow to the eye.
  • Anti-tumor - has the ability to prevent the production of cancer cells
  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease - increases HDL and reduces chances of atherosclerosis
  • High in antioxidants - strengthens the immune system
  • Prevent Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and other neurological diseases
  • Can improve the regulatory strength of the ciliary muscle of the eye, improve eye strain and soreness, and help maintain the clarity of vision
Charm I - Freshwater Haematococcus Pluvialis Algae (Astaxanthin)
Charm I - Blueberry from Northern Europe (Anthocyanins)


  • Very powerful antioxidant, 50 times more potent than vitamin C
  • Improves the blood circulation of the microcirculation of the eyes and improves the flow of the micro vessels and veins
  • Inhibits enzymes that damage eye tissue.
  • Promotes the regeneration of retinal cells, prevents myopia, improves vision, and improves night blindness

The exclusive and patented 8-in-1 formula allows you to feel more secure and comfortable.
Provides protection from the inside-out and prevents damage from the outside.

Charm I - African marigold Extract
African marigold extract
(Original patent license from U.S. Kemin FloraGLO : FLORAGLO LUTEIN)
  • Prevents damage to eyes from blue and ultraviolet light
  • Protects the macular area
Charm I - Corn (Zeaxanthin)
  • Important substance in the macular region
  • Combined with lutein for optimal effectiveness
Charm I - Freshwater Haematococcus Pluvialis Algae (Astaxanthin)
Freshwater haematococcus
pluvialis algae
  • Strong antioxidant
  • Combat free radicals
Charm I - Blueberry from Northern Europe (Anthocyanins)
Blueberry from
Northern Europe
  • Helps to lubricate the eyes
  • Relieves eye strain
Charm I - Blackcurrent (Polyphenols)
  • Improves eyesight
  • Suppress cancer cells, atherosclerosis and heart-related disease
Charm I - Carrot (β-Beta Caroten)
(β-Beta Carotene)
  • It is the precursor of vitamin A
  • Protects the cornea and prevents macular degeneration
Charm I - Pumpkin (a-Carotene)
  • Natural protective substance against sunlight, can filter UV radiation
  • Protects cells against cellular damage and inhibits formation of cancer cells.
Charm I - Tomato (Lycopene)
  • Increase level of immunoglobulin, effective against fighting off viruses
  • Delay the aging process and prevent cancer

Who needs Charm I Eye Care supplement?

Office workers

Those who use computers and mobile phones for prolonged periods of time, and those who do not get proper rest for their eyes, and overworked.


Students who spend a lot of time reading or surfing the Internet, resulting in excessive use of eyes or poor vision.


Prolonged exposure to electronic devices can cause excessive eyestrain and affect vision

Elderly people

As we grow older, the function of our eyes gradually deteriorates and issues such as presbyopia, cataracts and glaucoma emerge.

Particular industries

Tailors – often perform fine work, construction workers – long-term exposure to the sun, drivers – people who drive for long periods of time.

Picky eaters and those with unbalanced diets

More and more people are eating outside, and it is not easy to obtain balanced nutrition, which may cause vision problems.

Adults: 1 packet per day
Children under 12 years old: half a packet per day
For those with eye-related health problems: 1 packet daily in the morning and 1 packet daily in the evening (recommended to be taken continuously for 3-6 months)
Pour directly into the mouth and swallow with a sip of water. Or add the powder to 50 ml of lukewarm water, mix and drink.


The following groups of people includes: vegetarians, children, teenagers, elderly people, male and female office workers, 3C users are all suitable to consume this product.

It is recommended to consume Charm I at least 2 hours apart from the time of taking any medication.

Charm I is made from Kemin’s patented FloraGLO® lutein. The most doctors recommend brand in USA. Company CCI has even spared no cost to include two extracts  with the ultimate combination of lutein and zeaxanthin, plus imported high-quality astaxanthin (rhodophyll), which can help achieve the best results!

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