NUTRICO - Immunity Booster

Patented by German biological science technology, Micro Cell Molecular Biotechnology (MCMB) is a unique formulation developed for the purpose of immunity enhancement, providing cells with a complete range of essential nutrients and able to support the regenerative and repairing capabilities of stem cells in the body. It is clinically proven to be safe and effective for both adults and children.

Nutrico- Immunity Booster provides a 24-hour defensive shield for the entire body, so you don’t have to worry about the intrusion of bacteria and viruses.

You decide your own immunity level! Body’s immune system is the best doctor, and it is proven that 90% of diseases are related to compromised immune system.

Every day we ingest, breathe in and contact with at least 1.5 million different pathogens, which can be in the form of micro-organisms, parasites, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

The immune system is the most important defense system of the body against pathogens and consists of immune organs, immune cells and immune elements, they perform three major functions in the human body: immunity defense, immunity monitoring and body stabilization.

A body with poor immune system is susceptible to infections and cancer; an over active immune system can also have harmful effects on the body, such as allergic reactions, autoimmune diseases and so on.

The most obvious sign of weakened immune system is the proneness to illness. Because frequent illnesses increase the body’s workload. As a result of, people who frequently fall sick, they will generally have health condition such as physical weakness, malnutrition, mental exhaustion, fatigue and lack of energy, reduced appetite and sleeping disorder. Thus, injections and medication has become a common practice. It takes a long time to recover from each illness, and it often recurs. In the long run, this can lead to poor physical and mental development, and can also lead to other serious diseases.

When the body’s immune system is compromised or weakened, the following issues can recur: colds, tonsillitis, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and diarrhea, which should not be underestimated at all.

4 minor symptoms that imply that you have weak immune system:
  • Frequently feel tired
  • Constantly have a cold or flu
  • Easily infected wounds
  • Prone to gastrointestinal disease

Top 10 Benefits:

  • Activate the dormant immune system
  • Regulates and stabilizes the overactive autoimmune response
  • Protects the body against viral and bacterial invasion
  • Eliminate the aged and diseased cells
  • Support the regenerative & repair ability of stem cells in the body
  • Reduce the symptoms of dermatitis and skin allergies
  • Reduce the number of illnesses such as coughs and colds and other infectious diseases
  • Improve respiratory system and protect the lung
  • Promote wound recovery
  • High in antioxidant and anti-aging effect
Nutrico - Product

Unique patented formulation

Create another powerful protective shield for the body’s on top of immune system

Tiger milk mushroom

What is the tiger mushroom?

It is a solid form of the fungus of the family Polyporaceae in the division Basidiomycota, which is known as a miracle food. The medicinal properties of the mushroom are found in the white structure of the fungus. After grinding the fungus into white powder and adding in some water, it tastes like milk, so many people mistake it for “tiger milk”!
Extracted through advanced nanotechnology, its nutritional value is 10 times higher, and it has been highly praised for the nutritional content!

The benefits of tiger milk mushroom.

Protect the lungs, relieve cough and asthma

Tiger Milk Mushroom not only able relieve the symptoms of asthma, but also can stop coughing, improve the symptoms of respiratory and nasal allergy. Long-term consumption can also improve the respiratory system, especially for patients who are smokers and have long-term exposure to environmental pollution.


Tiger Milk Mushroom has anti-inflammatory properties, and it is effective for relieve joint pain. It also effectively prevents the worsening of inflamed cells.

Effective in relieve allergies.

It can soothe skin irritation and eczema and help wound to heal.

Improve and strengthen the body, improve the immune function

Tiger Milk Mushroom can enhance physical strength and endurance as well as reduce fatigue, invigorate and restore vitality.


Tiger Milk Mushroom can protect the body from oxidative stress.

Fermented wheat extract
  • Produced by patented fermentation method, it is an essential vitamin source for immune cells
  • Can activate macrophages up to 1000 times more active than compare to beta glucan and lactic acid.
  • Can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, interrupt the uptake of glucose by cancer cells, and promote apoptosis and death of cancer cells
Selenium-enriched yeast powder
  • Selenium cannot be synthesized in human body, it can only be obtained by intake of food
  • It is a nutrient important for human immunity regulation
  • It can activate lymphocytes, stimulate immunoglobulin and antibody production
  • Supports normal function of cardiovascular system and prevents atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease
  • It has antioxidant and anti-tumor properties.
  • It is a long-chain sugar commonly found in many mushrooms inside their mycelium
  • It promotes and maintains healthy and balanced immune system function, enabling the immune system to continuously produce natural killer T-cells, interferons, and interleukins to kill existing cancer cells.
  • It is also widely used in antiviral applications
Raspberries powder
  • High nutritional content, rich in vitamin C, E, superoxide dismutase (SOD), Y-amino butyric acid and tannin and other anti-cancer and anti-ageing substances.
  • Known as the number one killer of free radicals and cancer cells
Nutrico - Pureway Vitamin C
Pureway Vitamin C
  • Known as ascorbic acid, it is a water-soluble vitamin
  • Cannot be stored in the body and must be consumed in sufficient amounts daily through diet
  • Promotes the production of collagen, preserves connective tissues, and can speed up wound healing
  • A natural antihistamine that helps control allergies and reduce the symptoms of colds
Licorice extract
  • Its main components are: licorice extract, glycyrrhizin, flavonoids
  • According to traditional Chinese medicine: it is mild in taste, it is a supplement for the spleen and strengthens the qi, relieves cough and pain, and can harmonizes with all kind of medicines.
  • Research has confirmed that it has detoxification, anti-inflammatory, cough relief, anti-tumor, anti-ulcer, anti-bacterial and many other benefits.
  • It is a multi-functional and natural protein in animal milk colostrum.
  • It has broad-spectrum anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.
  • It can regulate the level of iron in the body
  • It regulates the production of bone marrow cells and promotes the growth of cells
  • It regulates the body's immune function and enhances the body's ability to defend itself against diseases

Regular consumption of Nutrico- Immunity Booster to build a healthy immune system, it can help:


Boost their immune protection and reduce the frequency of illness


Help reduce allergies and speed up the healing time from illnesses


Prevent against cancerous cells and reduce the risk of viral and bacterial infections

Nutrico- Immunity Booster strengthens the body’s immune system, and also helps to regulate and repair the lung function, safeguarding the body’s first line of defense! Being healthy are most important , prevention is better than cure, we should start taking care of our body now!
Recommended Dosage::
Adults:1 or 2 sachets per day
Children: ½ or 1 sachet per day
Can be poured directly into the mouth and consume with plain water. Or you can add the powder to 50 ml of lukewarm water, mix and drink.


It is 100% made from pure natural plant extract, it is in powder form with a slightly sweet taste, easy to be consume and convenient to carry around.

This product is made from a unique patented formula developed by using Micro Cell Molecular Biotechnology (MCMB) in Germany, and has been approved by the world’s leading SGS certification in Taiwan, which guarantees that it is non-toxic and safe to drink.

People who are allergic to fungi are not suitable to take it. Pregnant and lactating women should consult their doctors before taking Nutrico.

If you experience any discomfort after taking Nutrico Immunity Booster, such as worsening cough, watery eyes, runny nose, etc., the severity of symptoms varies from person to person and usually lasts for about 7-15 days, which indicates that the product has started to have healing effect on your body. If you feel very uncomfortable, you can adjust the dosage or reduce it by half to alleviate these reactions.

Yes, you can take it together with other health products, but if you are taking medication, it is recommended to consume about an interval of 2-3 hours.

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