Samurai Protect your Prostate - the ``Manlihood`` of men.

A compromised prostate function will directly affect the health of the reproductive and urinary organs. And It is embarrassing for men to talk about it!

Symptoms of an enlarged prostate include:
  • A narrow and weak urine stream
  • Feeling of being unable to pass urine - urinary retention
  • Urine is not coming out when you try to urinate
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Urinary dysfunction
  • Increased frequency of night-time urination
  • Interrupted urinary streams
  • Difficulty passing urine
  • Dribbling urine
  • Urge to urinate just a few minutes after last urination
Specially recommended to be consume by the following people:
  • Those who are easily tired and strained
  • Those who want to increase their stamina and energy level.
  • Those who are constantly under stress.
  • Middle-aged men who want to take care of their health.


Samurai is an all-natural health product, developed by German Micro Cell Molecular Biotechnology (MCMB) after years of clinical trials, and has been approved by the KKM (Ministry of Health Malaysia), and tested by world-class laboratory SGS Taiwan, and awarded with the Global Top Brand Award. Without artificial hormones, no synthetic chemicals, no stimulants, no side effects, and perfectly safe to be consumed.

Main Benefits:

improve stomach and liver health, lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar level, improves blood circulation, prevent stroke and cardiovascular diseases, enhance energy and eliminate fatigue, reduce night urination, urinary incontinence, weak urine stream, improve prostate function, interrupted urination stream and other related problems, enhance male sexual performance and stamina, improve physical performance and relieve fatigue, stabilize endocrine system, eliminate free radicals and prevent cancer, enhance immune system, improves sleep quality.


The ingredients are formulated from a combination of premium and pure natural plant extracts.

Samurai - Mangosteen
  • Xanthones from the mangosteen fruit have very beneficial anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties.
  • It can suppress the inflammatory reaction and reduce the redness and soreness of the prostate.
  • It can eliminate excessive free radicals in the body, and is a blood vessel cleanser, keeping blood vessels clean.
Samurai - Sea Coconut
Sea Coconut
  • Hydrate the lung and relieving cough, treating dry cough, and cough with blood in the phlegm.
  • Cool down the body, calm the mind, relieve the residual heat after illness, and treat the symptoms of insomnia and sleeplessness.
Samurai - Damiana
  • It can help improve sexual function, regulate the nervous system, and regulate hormone secretion.
  • It has an anti-sedative effect and can help relieve anxiety and improve constipation.
Butea Superba
  • Can dilate blood vessels, improve microcirculation, reduce blood vessel resistance, increase blood flow rate, it can be used to protect against myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, atherosclerosis and other diseases.
  • Can lower blood cholesterol, and triglycerides.
Milk Thistle
  • Contain powerful antioxidant properties to protect liver cells from free radical attack.
  • Speeds up the reproduction of new liver cells, or helps damaged liver cells to repair themselves. This is the reason why it is called "the natural liver protector".
  • Laxative: promote intestinal and bowel movement, remove intestinal waste, improve constipation and gastrointestinal function.
  • Detoxification and heat reduction: quickly cleanse intestinal toxins, expel toxins from the body.
Pine pollen
  • Has the function of delaying aging, anti-fatigue.
  • Strengthen the stomach, protect the liver, retard the aging of skin cells and increase skin elasticity
  • Dissolves blood clots of the body
  • Effective in reducing the formation of cancer
  • Helps relax and dilate blood vessels, improves blood circulation, and lowers blood pressure
  • Helps fight inflammation, protects internal organs and prevents anemia
Sky fruit (Fructus Swietenia Macrophylla)
  • Protects liver, reduce the harmful effects of drugs on the liver, and relieve the hangover caused by alcohol include dizziness and headache
  • Can also help promote sleep and relieve stress
  • Increases the fertility of sperm and is a common remedy for male infertility
  • Improves constipation, frequent urination, haematuria, dribbling, sore back and knees, fatigue and weakness
Coenzyme Q10
  • Nutrient that activate and provide energy to the cells
  • Boost up immunity and antioxidant levels
  • Prolong ageing process and increase vitality.

Physiological Responses

The following reactions may occur after consuming Samurai.
The types of reactions after taking the product for different body types are as follows:

Fast-acting type:

After consuming Samurai, the reaction occurs within a very short period of time, with improved spirit, improved appetite, improved sleep, accelerated bowel movement, and overall relaxation.

Slow-acting type:

It means that there is no obvious reaction even after taking it for a long period of time, effect will only kick in when a particular amount is taken, with boosted energy, higher level of strength, and stronger strength of back and leg.

Uncertain type:

It means that the reaction is sometimes getting good and sometimes getting worse, but as long as the user continues to consume it, their immunity will improve, sleep quality, bowel movement, energy and blood circulation will improve.

Progressive type:

The first day of the effect is more serious, after second and third day of consumption, the body parts that have blockage problem will feel the most effect. The secondary reaction will be milder than the first one, there might be a third reaction if the reaction progresses, and the reaction will also be milder than the first one, or the opposite, worse than the first one, but after the final reaction, the body will feel extremely relieved.

Stable type:

It means that there is no significant reaction after taking Samurai, but some ailments get better without you knowing it. Congratulations, this is because you have a relatively good health and the internal organs are relatively healthy, while Samurai helps our body to detoxify, cleanse blood, clear blood vessel, activate cells regeneration, regulate, and provide nourishment in order to achieve wellness.

Samurai - Product

Physiological Responses & Management After Consumption
(For reference)

Light Healing Crisis

Including: drowsiness, fatigue, stiff neck and shoulders, diarrhoea (light stool a few times a day, but diarrhoea arising from healing crisis is not accompanied by abdominal pain), light itching of skin, frequent farting etc.

Severe Healing Crisis

Headache, dizziness, fever, pimples, eczema, joint pain, increased blood glucose level, raised blood pressure, shortness of breath, vomiting, poor appetite etc.

** Healing crisis from consuming SAMURAI is the phenomenon of temporary worsening of symptoms before the body gets better. They are not side effects, so there is no need to worry.

Various health problems are manifested differently due to biological variation:

Acidic constitution Dry throat and tongue, fatigue, general weakness, polyuria, frequent farting. Hyperuricemia Aches and pains in the whole body and oedema in various degrees of severity. Recommended to drink SAMURAI intermittently.
Skin allergy Skin itchiness deteriorates initially and subsides over time. Recommended to drink SAMURAI intermittently. Neurological disorders The autonomic system becomes hyperactive and leads to insomnia. Do not take SAMURAI at night.
Hypertension Dizziness, stiff neck and shoulders that might persist for a week. Anaemia Slight headache and dizziness.
Stomach problems Tightness in the chest, ‘hot’ stomach, poor appetite, nausea. Intestinal problems Diarrhoea or black stool might occur. Symptoms differ according to biological variation.
Liver problems Nausea, red eye, photophobia (afraid of light), itchy skin with rashes. Recommended to drink more water. Liver cirrhosis Occasional blood streaks or gores in stool. Avoid taking deep-fried and oily food.
Kidney disease Proteinuria may appear, with swelling in the face and feet. Diabetes Unstable blood glucose level, may go up or down, with occasional swelling in the feet.
Acne May increase initially due to detoxification in progress, but will fade away soon. Piles Occasional blood streaks or gores in stool.
Tracheitis Dry mouth, coughing, shortness of breath, vomiting or dizziness, depending on individual constitution. Lung problems More severe coughing, with a lot of yellow sticky phlegm.
Sinusitis Nasal blockade, more severe running nose with thicker mucus. Rheumatic pain Slight aches and pains in localized areas, but will disappear in a few days.


Samurai is a pure and natural health food made with natural botanicals to supplement liver cells with nutrients, promote cell regeneration and metabolism, improve stamina and relieve fatigue.

It is safe to consume SAMURAI because it is made with pure, natural botanical extracts. It is a food and not a drug.

It promotes liver cell regeneration and blood circulation as well as improves prostate problems in men. It enhances stamina, vitality and endurance, making it ideal for sport enthusiasts and people who wish to improve their sexual prowess.

Children, dialysis patients, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Most people see the effects like better stamina, endurance and a more promising marital life 2 to 5 days after taking SAMURAI.

Yes, because it is a food and not a drug. Long-term consumption can activate liver cells and improve stamina, so that users will not tire easily.

Take one packet a day on empty stomach in the morning. Pour it into your mouth and wash it down with plenty of water for optimal effects.

Of course. SAMURAI, a comprehensive supplement for the liver, improves bodily functions effectively, activates liver cells and relieves fatigue.

After consuming alcohol, you must wait for at least 2 hours before you take SAMURAI.

SAMURAI is a comprehensive nutrition for the liver. It rapidly enhances metabolism, blood circulation and detoxification so that the body can be readily replenished with nutrients and energy. The process may trigger healing crisis on problematic areas, giving rise to symptoms such as backache, headache and dizziness. But healing crisis is only a transient phenomenon that usually disappears within a week, so don’t worry.

Yes, because there exist only oligosaccharides in SAMURAI, which are not absorbed into blood vessels and hence do not affect blood glucose level. Oligosaccharides can help improve gastrointestinal tract health and prevent colon cancer.

SAMURAI is developed with the patented German biotechnology called Macro Cell Molecular Biotechnology (MCMB). Taken sublingually, it is rapidly absorbed and readily circumvents stomach acid. SAMURAI is highly portable to enable you to replenish your energy anytime, anywhere.

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